What we do

We are a full-service agency working across a range of different marketing services.

Work with us, and you can use any one of those services. You can have the whole lot. Or you can pick and choose, depending on what you need at any one time. We won’t be upset if we manage your Social campaign and another agency manages
your SEO.

Some of the clients we work with have dedicated marketing teams. Others don’t have an in-house marketing resource at all. And most of our clients are somewhere in between.

Working with GRA is always a pleasure, they are forward thinking and of course creative. What we particularly value are the honest conversations and the level of industry awareness, both ours and theirs.

Sarah Currie | Director GTW Storage 

We can offer an extension to your team, planning and implementing marketing activities alongside your own people or liaise solely with a Director or dedicated member of staff. At the same time we will provide a level of objectivity – an ability to stand back and look at the bigger picture, which can be difficult for in-house staff to achieve, however experienced they may be.

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