The Importance of a Strong Brand

Strong brands drive sales- it’s a proven fact and if you are one of our existing clients you are probably sick to the back teeth of hearing us go on about it. However, the examples are all around us.

Look at Nike, Kellogg’s, Coca Cola, McDonalds and Apple, they are all textbook examples of strong brands who have a massive worldwide customer base, have made billions of pounds and whose logos are recognised from Ecclefechan to Egypt.

The important point to note here is that branding, in its true sense, is not primarily about the name or logo or even about marketing. It’s what an organisation or product stands for, through everything it does. It needs to be delivered through the logo, website, advertising, literature, customer service and PR; they should all be inspired by the unique and distinctive proposition that your business stands for. By proposition, we mean unique selling point or USP, as it is also referred to.

What is a strong brand and how do I know if I have one, I hear you ask?

Well, in a nutshell it’s the images, values and characteristics that come into your head when you think of it or see it. Take Apple for example, whenever I see their logo or hear their name, I don’t immediately think of a Pink Lady or a Golden Delicious (funnily enough). I think of a high quality, intuitive, efficient range of products and service- albeit you know they are going to charge through the roof for a replacement screen for your new IPhone XS (a mere £326.44 to be precise!) However you know that it will be done on the same day and you feel 100% confident leaving your prized position in the hands of a “Genius”– a feeling you may not get if you were to go with a cheaper high street alternative.

You may well have a pretty good idea whether or not your own business’s brand is strong, but if not, you will get a good feel for its status using carefully crafted, informal questioning of your customers, suppliers, friends and even family. For an objective, professional analysis an experienced marketing company will guide you through the Market Research maze.

So, when you hear us, and other Marketers refer to “strong brands”- that is precisely what we mean. The emotions and feelings that are provoked when you hear the company name!

If you would like to chat further with us about brands, or any other area of marketing then please get in touch!


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