Marketing in a time of uncertainty

We live in interesting and uncertain times, with many businesses under severe pressure and in a quandary over where to find savings, how to maximise every available opportunity and wondering whether to continue marketing in a time of uncertainty. So, it seems timely to take stock and re-visit the principles of advertising and marketing. An appropriate moment to remind yourselves how important it is to devise, plan and set your strategy, articulate your vision and then make sure you stick to it religiously. Sure, you may need to change your tactics or amend your approach but stay true to your vision.

If you make sure you get the basics right and apply sound and long held principles of account management then you are off to a great start, regardless of which media platform or channel of communication you are using.

Here’s some pointers to follow to help you navigate a path through the uncertainty.

  1. Be consistent
    As a marketeer we are always inclined towards innovation but when everything seems to be up for grabs, people find stability in consistency. While the Government appears to send confusing messages brands can help people find stability by communicating “Business as usual”, re-affirming their key values and their commitment to work in the interests of their customers. Be a beacon of certainty in a world of uncertainty.
  2. Be clear
    This is actually an opportunity for business, through their brands, to establish/retain/regain credibility and demonstrate leadership and guidance in the months ahead. Brands can build equity through reassurance by focusing on comforting and optimistic associations that will bring contrasting brightness and hope to the gloomy news headlines. Even a simple and consistent stance will help your brand to navigate the choppy sea, or (C!)
  3. Be strong
    Healthy, strong brands prosper during times of uncertainty – that was proven in 2008 and the recession of the 90s. Because they show their backbone and demonstrate that while other parts of life (economy, government) might be stumbling, they are solid and there for their customers. The worst thing to do in a time of chaos is add to it. In times of trouble the businesses that invest time and money in their brands tend to emerge from the storm stronger and healthier. I would say that (wouldn’t I) but the facts bear it out.

If this has somewhat resonated with you, then get in touch, we would love to chat some more!

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