Advertising & Media in Glasgow

Most business owners are very aware that in today’s marketplace there are myriad channels of communication and routes to market you can employ to raise awareness for your business, e.g. Digital, TV, Radio, Press and Social Media, to name but a few. Realistically your budget will not stretch to any more than a few of these routes; making it even more important you select the most appropriate for your business.

If you’re feeling bombarded, overwhelmed or just plain confused by the many different platforms that you can advertise your business through then look no further than GRA Digital for help!

It’s all about the planning- and trust us when we say, it really is!

We’ll take an objective look at your business offering, your objectives, target market and competitors and work with you to produce a succinct and practical marketing- based approach that has clear and measurable targets.

Before we start, our first task involves a fair amount of fact finding- we insist on understanding every aspect of your product or service. These will be the “base facts” and “presumptions” that form the foundation of every brand and marketing task we work with you on, and it is therefore vital that they are held to be true by all parties.

Only then will we feel comfortable enough to agree an implementation plan tailored to your budget and wherever possible set meaningful key performance indicators and a realistic return on investment.

This is when the fun truly begins!

After we’ve got that out of the way, the next stage is to identify the potential effectiveness of each media option against the eventual agreed objectives. It could be a UK wide television campaign, a new e-commerce website or even creating a sleek video for use on Socials. Whatever it is, we’ve got the creative experience and skills to craft and articulate your value proposition and deliver it to the right people at the right time in the right place.

If your business needs a marketing overhaul, then give GRA a call or drop us a line!

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